Electrical Installation Condition Report Testing

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EICR: Inspection and Testing

Electrical installation condition reports (EICR), also known as periodic inspection and testing, are carried out by our fully qualified electricians.

EICR testing is important as the reports are needed to verify that the current electrical installation is in good working order for safe continued service. It is also used to identify any possible defects and gives the manager of the property to carry out any of the recommended improvements that may be needed.

It is a more detailed report than a Visual Inspection Report (VIR) and will involve the testing of various circuits which will require the turning off of the electrics at the main supply. This allows the contractor to identify any possible hidden defects or issues that cannot be identified during a VIR.

Generally, an EICR will provide codings against the condition of the installation. The classification codes are as follows:

  • Code C1 – This code should indicate that danger exists, requiring immediate remedial action. The persons using the
    installation are at immediate risk.
  • Code C2 – This code indicates that, whilst an observed deficiency is not considered to be dangerous at the time of the
    inspection, it could become a real and immediate danger if a fault or other foreseeable event was to occur in the installation or connected equipment.
  • Code C3 – This code indicates that whilst an observed deficiency is not considered to be a source of immediate or potential
    danger, the improvement would contribute to a significant enhancement of the safety of the electrical installation. You are under no obligation to have any of the issues fixed, though it is recommended that corrective

Many letting agencies and landlords now require regular reports for insurance purposes and tenant safety, so choosing a competent contractor is essential. As we are fully approved members of the NICEIC, you can rest assured that the report will be carried out using a great understanding of the requirements needed and fully comprehensive.

Who can carry out an Electrical installation condition report?

Electrical Installation Condition Report testing can only be carried out by electrically competent, qualified electricians. As part of the testing, engineers will check the condition of the electrics against the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations – BS7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IET Wiring Regulations).

Having expert, knowledgeable electrical contractors carry out your inspection also means you will get a detailed run-down of the test findings, as well as a straightforward appraisal of any remedial work needed and your options for getting the work done.