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When it comes to business energy usage, small changes can make a big impact.

Follow these cost-effective energy saving tips and reduce your commercial energy consumption by up to 40%.

1. Shut that door

Keeping doors closed can reduce your heating costs by 30%. Use easy-to-fit door closers to make it impossible for someone to leave the door open, and install gap fillers to stop heat from escaping.

2. ‘Standby’ is not ‘Off’

Electrical appliances continue to use power even if they are on standby. Find out if they can be turned off a the mains safely.

3. Screensavers

Disable them – they’re a waste of energy! Let the screen go black or ask staff to turn their screens off when they are not at their desk. Better still, set the computer power option to automatically switch off after a few minutes when not in use.

4. Vending machines

Switching vending machines off when the office is closed saves you money. Just remember, you can’t do this if the machine contains food that would spoil. Install timers to regulate power usage and ensure your refreshments are cold when you need them.

5. Keep an eye out for rogue appliances

Make sure staff are not bringing in appliances from home and using them at their desk or in their office. There may be more fan-heaters, kettles, toasters and mobile phone chargers in the building than you think.

6. Fit motion detectors on your lights

Fit motion detectors on your lights to turn them off when no one is in the room. Infrared or microwave sensors detect movement and automatically change the lights. Most sensors allow you to change their settings to suit your working conditions.

7. Consider a heat recovery ventilation system

A heat recovery ventilation system extracts the warm moist air from your building, passing it through a heat exchanger before being ducted outside. Fresh air from the outside is drawn in and warmed by the heat exchangers, before it is ducted back into the building.

8. Bigger isn’t always better

It is important to have the right size boiler. Oversized boilers never reach their full potential since they are always running at part load.

9. Let there be light

By auditing the light levels inside your building it may be possible to remove some of your light fittings and still achieve the light levels you need.

10. The sun has got his hat on…

Use daylight wherever you can. If daylight is already lighting an area, you can fit sensors with automatic dimmers that will lower the artificial light levels and save you power. Could you fit more skylights or light pipes to bring more sunlight into the building?

11. Skip the printer

Printing and photocopying takes lots of energy. Go paperless for a day and see what happens to your energy use and then see how often you could do it.

12. Get an Energy Efficiency Audit – FREE

A G&B Electrical Contractors can save your business money by identifying areas where energy and water savings can be made.

The final report shows where changes can be made, what they would cost and what the payback period would be.

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