Case Study: LED Lighting Installation at Indoor Skatepark

led suplly and fit at skate park

Case Study: LED Lighting Installation at Indoor Skatepark

After being invited to complete a survey of LS-TEN in Leeds, West Yorkshire, showing a savings document we were invited to complete an LED Installation. LED lighting was fitted in all areas of the shop, including the offices. They were very happy with the installation which took our electrician team 2 days to complete.

Our Task:

To reduce the LS-TEN Ltd electric bill and improve the quality of the lighting was an essential part of the remit for this proposal. We reduced the glare by using the Driverless High Bays which emits a softer light. Our engineers worked closely with the client so that the installation of the new LED lights was carried out as per instructions. Converting the old-style lighting with new highly efficient LED Driverless High Bays. All areas were converted using driverless high with great results. Time taken to complete this task was 2 full Days.

Client Savings

Old Lighting Costs:

Cost per year – £6,040.44

Cost per 10 year – £60,404.00

Total Savings After LED Installation:

Savings After LED Installation£4,098.44/ year

Saving 66% = £40,984.40 over 10 year

18 Months Return on Investment

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